About RMC

RMC is an international provider of risk management and actuarial consulting services. RMC specializes in the design and administration of innovative risk management and insurance products for the small-to-medium sized business. RMC offers a wide range of services, including property & casualty solutions, life, health & annuity solutions, traditional insurance, insurance-based corporate finance solutions, comprehensive risk management and a wide variety of employee benefit plan programs and solutions. With more than half a billion dollars of in-force insurance under administration, RMC’s presence can be traced to thousands of people through an extensive network of independent insurance agents, attorneys, accountants and financial planners. Where there’s risk, you’ll find RMC...


In order to accomplish our mission of becoming the leading provider of insurance, risk management and employee benefit services, we must earn our clients’ trust and confidence.  We do this by delivering reliable services that can't be found anywhere else in the market. Our custom tailored solutions, teamed with some of the industry's largest and oldest players, make RMC a perfect fit for clients of any type and size, from the small, local businessman to the international insurance company.

And, what about the competition? There is none.  No one else can match the quality of our services and our ability to innovate and transform an industry.  Our employees have unequalled technical knowledge and a collaborative approach to finding solutions. RMC employs some of the industry's best and brightest professionals. We clearly stand out from the rest.  Our core group of actuaries, accountants, attorneys and engineers are ready to help our clients succeed.


Insurance and risk management are now more critical than ever for the small-to-medium sized business. It is the backbone of every business.  As a business grows and changes, it must have a comprehensive and efficient risk management and compliance program.  RMC is dedicated to meeting our clients’ insurance and risk management needs. Our experience with both small and medium sized business organizations of every type and our knowledge of the industry enables us to provide detailed and meaningful solutions custom tailored to the specific needs of our clients.


  • Insurance
  • Risk Management
  • Retirement
  • Employee Benefits
  • Actuarial Consulting

Our team leverages experience and knowledge to deliver practical and proven services and recommendations to satisfy the needs of your organization.