Actuarial Risk Assessment

Effective risk management depends on accurate risk quantification. It is extremely difficult to design a sustainable and successful risk management strategy without first identifying, measuring, analyzing and understanding the existing and emerging risks that impact your business. RMC’s actuarial risk assessment specialists evaluate the financial impact of current economic, legal and social trends and use these insights to help you design sound strategies for your business.

Our actuarial services are practical and reliable, and designed to help you:

  • Effectively manage your Total Cost of Risk ("TCOR")
  • Lower collateral requirements and letters of credit held by insurance carriers
  • Determine cost savings associated with different retentions or deductibles
  • Demonstrate to auditors that you have adequately quantified your liabilities
  • Quantify potential volatility of self-insurance or insurance costs for the upcoming year


Our Actuarial & Analytics Practice consists of risk management professionals known for their methodical approaches and arduous standards. All work is done under the direction of credentialed actuaries and in accordance with appropriate standards of practice. Our highly skilled consultants approach their work with integrity and creative ingenuity.


RMC prides itself on the expertise of its internal and external consultants, who are world-class experts who have helped create some of the profession’s best practices in their areas of focus.


We can help you better understand and manage your TCOR, and analyze risk financing alternatives and risk transfer methods. By carefully evaluating historical losses, we provide sound estimates of your outstanding liabilities as well as loss forecasts for budgeting purposes.

We offer numerous products and services to help your firm make more informed, effective decisions.

For more information about actuarial risk assessments, please contact us.