Private Client Services

At RMC, we help clients design and implement risk-management solutions and bring a risk-reward perspective to strategic decision making and day-to-day operations.

RMC is a leader in servicing the personal insurance needs of individuals and families. Those with substantial assets require a specialized risk management approach for protecting what matters most to them.  RMC’s Private Client Services can help.

RMC’s Private Client Services specializes in helping high net worth individuals assess their risks and find the right insurance coverage. Our custom risk management approach helps you protect your homes, automobiles, fine art, jewelry, and collectibles. Private Client Services’ specialists design and monitor individualized asset-protection programs for their clients, recognizing that risk profiles will change over the years.

Our clients are assigned a Risk Specialist who manages the personal risk management process to identify, evaluate, and determine the best method to protect assets from the variety of risks that can lead to financial loss. Our Risk Specialists work exclusively on designing and monitoring individualized asset-protection programs for our clients. Recognizing that risk profiles will change over the years, our program is designed to respond to the changing needs of our clients.

Private Client Services also includes:

  • Specialized facilities for the placement of yacht coverage;
  • Specialists engaged in the structure and placement of Private Aircraft Coverage; and
  • Dedicated department for the structure and placement of other specialty insurance

To learn more about RMC's Private Client Services, please contact us