Captive Risk Pooling

The RMC Risk Pool is a unique risk pooling exchange designed for captive insurance companies. The pool is designed to expand and improve underwriting practices, while reducing administration costs, thus maximizing the risk management benefits of participating members.

RMC is unique in terms of its underwriting and risk assessment structure, processes and procedures. RMC has various loss structure alternatives to improve and protect the pool.


Who Can Participate in RMC's Risk Pool?

Potentially, any captive interested in improving risk management practices can participate.  However, all captives are subject to strict independent underwriting and actuarial assessment to determine the appropriateness of allowing the captive's risks into the pool. RMC reserves the right to reject any and all risk in its sole discretion. Further, RMC does not guarantee participation on policy renewals. Contractual documents signed by all parties control the pooling relationship. Domiciles regulating any particular captive can also impact whether participation is allowed.


Collateral Requirements

RMC has several varying reinsurance treaties, each with their own collateral requirements. Please contact us for more information on available reinsurance treaty options.


Underwriting Practices

Every participant is required to undergo strict  independent underwriting and actuarial review, therefore participation is not automatic. RMC is selective in not only the risks it allows in the pool, but also selective in determining which contractual loss sharing structure will be allowed based on lines of coverages, not just on the underlying insured company risk. RMC's independent underwriting reflects significant actuarial techniques through refinement of policy types considered for pooling and in advancing risk sharing formulas available for consideration.